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Yes, Mobile App Will Help Your Small Business

Are you in charge of Marketing? You have a great company website but wondering if an app is necessary. You may even be thinking that your business could avoid one. The fact is there are a lot of benefits for having a mobile app for your company, regardless of how small the market is.

Currently, Mobile is king. People are spending on average 3 hours per day on their smart devices. This includes online shopping, browsing content, creating content, using social media, and more. With this prevalence of mobile usage, your business could definitely capitalize on your clients’ browsing habits.
An app facilitates more than just content sharing. We often think of app usage like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube and think that if we were to have our own company app, that we would need to be creating content 24/7 to make it useful for our clients. Really though, depending on your industry you can have an app that either auto-populates contents from analytics and KPIs, or link to your online shop, provide a loyalty program for clients, and any number of uses that you could think of.

While a website takes care of elements of client online communication, an app provides a much more personalized approach and feel for your clients. Even the act of showing your clients that you care enough about communication to invest in an app for their benefit would be seen as a positive customer interaction. From there, a well-designed mobile app could provide them with further benefits to help make sure that your customers are getting a positive experience in dealing with your company. Even for small retail stores, a customer loyalty app that they could scan at every purchase to earn points would be a huge benefit.

Today’s highly mobile consumers make competing in the mobile realm a necessity for businesses of every size. Although many small businesses have been somewhat hesitant in the past to jump into the mobile app market, the time is now to take the plunge. Having a mobile website is a fantastic first step, but a mobile app will give you a competitive edge in creating a highly engaged and loyal customer base

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Anna Anthony
26 March, 2021